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MJ Harnish

Digital Music Corp GCX Guitar Audio Switcher

Sound Quality

I can't hear any degradation of sound quality; if anything it's an improvement over the typical "chain of pedals" I'm used to. Others claim they hear a difference so maybe I'm fooling myself. However, I highly doubt anyone in the audience can hear the difference. I hear no audible (i.e., through the amp) clicks or pops when switching loops.


So far, so good. I've been gigging with it for 6 months and have owned it for 9 with no problems at all. As long as you keep it in a good rack and don't abuse it, it'll last.

General Comments

I really love my GCX. I've found a million uses for it and it's freed up the space at my feet on the stage. It also keeps my pedals safely tucked inside a rack, making set-up easier and making stealing them a bit harder (I've had friends who've had pedals stolen right off the stage inbetween sets). I really love the fact that I can plug in any tone-sucking pedal and not have it affect my signal chain when not in use. Forget true-bypass (which often results in a big "click" when you step on the pedal. You can also do a million other things with the GCX including switching amp channels or functions via midi. However, realize that there is a MAJOR hidden cost in buying one of these: the patch cables! With 8 loops for pedals, you need a total of 23 patch cables! (2 for each pedal and 1 linking each loop). Even if you make these yourself, you're talking about a pretty big investment of time and money. However, it was well worth it in the end.

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