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Sound Quality

Not noisy at all until you hit the boost range (the last 15% of the gain knob activates a volume boost along with the distortion). Otherwise it is very quiet. The pedal sounds VERY good compared to a lot of the cheaper distortion pedals I've heard. It does a decent overdriven tube impersonation, and as you turn the gain up it gets pretty crunchy. It sounds pretty warm and not very harsh & buzzy, unlike alot of pedals out there. The boost range adds some more distortion but mainly boosts the volume up. It's fairly responsive to guitar volume changes (but not great; it never really cleans up enough). Definitley not for the death metal or super fuzz sound.


Seems pretty reliable. These pedals are built pretty well. A lot of people worry about the switches but it's not too much of a concern as long as you don't jump up and down on it.

General Comments

I probably wouldn't buy it again b/c it's not too terribly different from my TS-9 (the TS-9 is smoother, the DOD has more distortion with an edge to it). The DOD FX-53 is definitely a good buy for someone on a budget. I bought the pedal over the net b/c the price was good and I was really surprised at how much I liked it. It's got a nice tone, especially for the price. This isn't a sweet, smooth overdrive (it comes sort of close though with the gain down) but rather a rougher distortion. Complements my little SF champ pretty well.

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