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roland Cube 80X 80W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I can't believe the reviewers here that gave this a "10" ...are you kidding!? What are you comparing this rating against? A '63 Vibroverb? A Boogie MK IV? A $10,000 Dumble? "10" is the highest possible rating, the supreme height of tone, nothing could be better. C'mon!! And this isn't a "cost/value" thing, the question is simply asking about Sound Quality. Sure, it's a transistor COSM amp but I for one was VERY disappointed in the Cube 80's sound. With all the hype I was expecting it to sound at least way better than the Cube 60, but this amp's tone is going the wrong way. NOTICABLY poorer in sound quality to the Cube 60. The clean channel especially sounds thinner and tinnier than the Cube 60 and absolutely transistor-junky compared to their venerable JC120... Channel 2 FX and COSM basically same as Cube 60, no real improvements, same old technology 10 years later. Believe me I wasn't expecting it to sound like a '59 Fender Deluxe either, apples to oranges, but regardless a Big disapointment. If I give the old Cube 60 an 8, this is a 3.


Both the volume and gain knobs on my 3-year old Cube 60 suddenly quit working one day, hence my reason for buying a Cube 80. Can't comment on reliability on the Cube 80 'cause I returned it to the store after two weeks. I really did give it a good try, played it steady for two weeks, brought it to a couple different rehearsals, just wasn't happening on any level. NOTICABLY poorer in sound quality to the Cube 60.


General Comments

Roland, what happened? You had a great opportunity here to regrab a huge share of the market with this new "high watt/small package concept" amp but totally dropped the ball. Did all the components get dumbed down to even cheaper made parts (I've heard the speaker is a downgrade from Cube 60)? Was really quite flabbergasted how this new Roland amp - touted as the "latest/greatest Roland modeling amp yet" could have landed so squarely in the junkheap of worst sounding transistor amps - for over $400! Better off finding a used Cube 60 on Craigslist!

Reviewer's Background

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