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Sound Quality

I also have a Fulldrive II, and the Fulldrive 1 (side by side) is a warmer sounding pedal than the Fulldrive II. Mike Fuller does change the electronic in his pedal from time to time. His older pedals in the original plain metal boxes clearly sound better (side by side) than the newer ones. Especially the '69 pedal. Every little change makes a difference in the sound. Everything affects the sound. I personally use a Fender Strat w/texas special pick-ups, and a '64 Fender Super-Reverb. The Fulldrive 1 sounds sweet!!! It is a little noisy, but it's really the single coils. I personally think it blows all Tube-Screamers out of the water.


I use this pedal in-line with some other Fulltone effects. I've never had a problem with it and I use it all the time because of it's warm tone. The pedal is five years old and works perfect. I use it with a Fulltone Blackbox so I don't have to worry about battery death. It's a Fulltone!!


General Comments

I've been playing for 18 years, and played every style and use it mainly for Blues, Alternative, and Rock Tones. The Tones are easy to get with it's versatility. It's the best sounding pedal I've ever owned, and I've had them all! It's something to keep an eye out for, and keep an eye on, it's a popular item to have stolen. Just one of the costs of great tone. I'll definitely get another one when I find it for a backup, just incase it does get stolen.

Reviewer's Background

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