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Fyn Wyre

Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

Here I can only really talk about the sound through the speaker emulated outs. Alas, not being a pro or regularly gigging musician, I can't justify buying a power amp and cab. I'd never be able to crank it in my small urban flat anyway. So that said. The speaker emulation outs go straight into my soundcard. I play Ibanez RG321, Ibanez JS-1000 or a Fender strat, into a Carl martin Compressor / Limiter. As others say. This is pure Marshall. If you want Mesa, Engl etc go there. If you want any of the Marshall tones from across the years, there in here. I mainly tend to use the OD2 with gain backed down. Either for a mid rangie Iorn Maiden sort of sound. Or more of a scooped chuggy rythem tone. For clean, I tend to stick with the second clean channel for it's brighter sound. Not as sparkley as a Fender of course. But Fender don't do crunch and distortion like this. I'm shortly going to change the valves for the first time. Noticing some fizz and microphony now. 7 as it's Marshall tone through and through. May not be versitile enough for some.


Backup not an option really. If I were gigging it, I'm fairly confident it would stand up. Racked in a 4 U flight case at home. It's never glitched, broke or failed after 5 years regular use. It was second hand when i bought it. Minor scratches on the metal casing and a small chip off the headphone jack. Superficial stuff. 9. But bare in mind, not been lugged around in vans.

General Comments

Other gear I own / have owned.

A Digitech GFX Twin Tube: Nice sound. Awkward to edit quickly. Didn't do the Marshall sound.


Marshall Valvestate VSR 100r combo: Use if in a band.


Johnson J-Station: A quality piece of gear, stupidly discontinued. Again though, doesn't cut the Marshall sound for me. Use for practise and the Fender Twin model.


Damage Control Demonizer: Bought to have a different sounding tube driven, direct recording solution. More Mesa than Marshall. No preset storing.


Over all the JMP-1 is for me, an essential bit of gear. I play stuff from clean surfy , through to industrial, old school metal, blues, post rock instrumental... Anything I can really.


Were it stolen, I'd be most vexed. I'd certainly get another.


Nothing gets a 10.

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