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Peavey Delta Blues 210 Tube Amp Combo

Sound Quality

I play kinda like "retro-rock", and for that the sound in Delta Blues is perfect as it`s not a hi-gain amp. When switching channels the sound is the "same" whether you`re in cleanland or filthcity. The dynamics are the best I`ve ever tried. The clean channel on 12, my Firebird in the input (with the guitar-volumes on 10) - if I play light it`s totally clean, and if I dig in the dirt is there - perfect. The reverb responds just as well. Not all amps to that. I`m also imprssed by how quiet the amp is, even on full tilt. Before this amp I had Mesa Blue Angel, but sold it when I got the Delta. In my opinion it totally outplayed the Mesa(don`t tell anyone -they won`t believe you). Embarrasing especially sinse the Mesa is three times the cost. It`s also a lot quiteter. I really like this little cooking amp - go try one!


It`s quite new for so i don`t know, but Peavey is known for durable amps, so I hope for the best. There seems to be a "rattle/vibration" somewhere in the amp. I`m no amp-tech, but I think it`s a pre-amp tube failure.

General Comments

I think it`s a bargain: A two-channel class A amp tube with tremolo AND an impressive sound for little money.

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