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Sound Quality

Well I only use the GE7 for just one purpose, which is in the FX loop of my Marshall JCM900 combo. I use it to lift the level a bit and slightly boost the bass too. Its does this very well, without introducing lots of noise and hiss in the signal. I have used it in the front end of the amp too, but it was a bit noisy there for some reason. I suppose it depends how you use it!


Boss pedals will last a nuclear fall out. They just keep going on and on. There is not a great deal to wrong with them. I woudl say they are the best on the market.

General Comments

An excellent unit. In fact I have 2. One on each pedal board. If you are looking for a volume solo boost on your marshall with an FX loop, this is what you need to get. BTW, I got the idea from Slash!

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