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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I love the sound of this pedal. I have played with tons of pedals and this is one of my favorites. The gain really colors the amount of distortion in differnt ways. Put it at 7:00 and just warm up your sound, send it to 4:00 and you have some really nice rocking overdrive. It's al very warm and very clear, even when it gets crunchy. I get no hum at all when this is on. I've played it next to my Visual Sound Jeckyll and Hyde and it's very comparable.


Seems reliable.

General Comments

I play rock, kind of like U2 mixed with Pearl Jam. Works well with what I do.


I've been playing for over ten years. I play a Rickenbacker 330, a Tele HH, a Danelectro Pro 56, a Taylor 414, and a cheap lap steel guitar.

I play through a Fender Blues Jr. amp.


If it were lost or stolen, no problem, I'll pay $35 for this pedal any day.

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