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Digital Music Corp GCX Guitar Audio Switcher

Sound Quality

My style is a cross between rock and heavier metal styles, like death metal/thrash et al. My setup is guitar>MXR Blue Box>GCX guitar input. Each loop in the GCX contains these respective pedals, in order: SD Pickup Booster, BYOC Overdrive, Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal, BYOC Chorus and MXR EVH Phase 90. Loop 6 has nothing plugged in, and I use that one as my mute. The second "Feed Thru" goes to a Peterson Strobostomp tuner. THEN my amp fx loop send goes to the input of a Behrenger mixer, out of that mixer channel and into loop 7's input.....so I'm basically splitting the preamp send signal. Loop 7's send goes to an Alesis Quadraverb, then out of that into another mixer channel, and the mixer out goes to my amp fx return. Why? So I can mute the input to my Quadraverb, effectively letting my delays/reverbs etc. spill over into the next patch, and I get total control of how much fx I want to blend with the dry signal, since my fx loop is series. Loop 8 is channel switching for both my amps: A Marshall JCM800 2210 and a Peavey Studio Pro combo. The Peavey is what I use at home. This rig is very powerful! I can have any possible sound, and keep everything in the 6-space rack. No more tap-dancing on pedals! The Ground Control works great with it too, and I have it setup in "Bank4" mode so I can turn on/off the mute and five pedals with the upper row buttons. One day I'll upgrade to either the GC Pro or Rocktron All Access but it works fine for now! Before I got this I had all my pedals on the floor and they were hard to engage when I needed more than one on at a time, and I needed a solo boost and delay. I decided to get this so I could use a processor and all the pedals in a rack and have very minimal cables on the floor. There are LOTS of cables in the rack (about 40) but only a 6 foot snake with my fx loop/ch. switch/amp input cables coming out the back, and I just sit my amp on there and plug in. Takes like two minutes tops.


Seems sturdy! I hope it don't break becuase I have ALL my fx in that case and it would be pretty annoying to unpatch it all! I could get through a gig with just my overdrive and chorus pedals if I had too. I think it'll work great for years. Not sure about the foot controller though.....it's a bit cheap. All good for now.

General Comments

For my money, and this rig costs a LOT, you can't beat it unless you go up to the Axxess or Bradshaw stuff! It works, has a nice sounding buffer in it (I run 40 feet of cable between my guitar and amp) and made my tone a little better, since I'm not going thru all the pedals at one time. The only pedal I couldn't use in the loops was my Blue Box, being a fuzz/octave, it sounds bad after the buffer. So I just use it on the floor. I have been playing since about '96 and went through tons of gear, like most players do.


If it were stolen I would be VERY angry and lose tons of money obviously. It's the heart of my whole rig now haha! I do wish it had more loops, and that you could have some loops without the buffer like the Axxess/Bradshaw stuff, but oh well. It works good enuff for me!

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