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r marsden

Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

i paired her up with a marshall valvestate 8008 power amp when i originally set up my rack and they're still together ( if its good enough for billy gibbons then who am i to disagree!!) i also looped her to a yamaha fx500 effects pro which i use for reverb, delay and sometimes a bit of flange (when i feel like a purple rain moment)and a rolls midi pedal. i've used this rig since 1992 for gigging and recording in my younger days and now mainly home use (wife and young kids i'm afraid) just to keep my hand in, and non of it has missed a single beat hell i've never even had to change the valves/tubes. sound wise, well just like the ads said its all your marshalls rolled into one (almost)i mean with the right guitar the right effects and of course in the right hands it can sound like every marshall player of old and new, early angus, gary moore, jimmy, eric (bluesbreakers/cream days) slash the list goes on and on. in real terms the cleans are ok (they're obviously not fender) but i think my valvestate 8008 lets the amp down slightly on the cleans as i think power tubes tend to colour the clean sound more than the dirty sound ans so if it was perhaps paired up to a 50/50 valve power amp it may sound better (don't know never tried it myself)anyway my sound has always strayed towards dirty as all my heros are rockers ( eddie van halen, gary moore, billy gibbons in fact the whole marshall rogues gallery) for the dirty sound i use od 2 channel with vol 18 gain 18 bass 2 mids -3 treb 1 presc 1 and effect on 6 i tend to leave the bass shift off however unlike some users i find it a usefull addition with weaker pups (in fact i tend to use it with my prs custom 22 for a more brutal crunh tone) i've never had to use it with an external distortion pedal as i prefer the amp to sound like the amp not a pedal and when you shove a gibson les paul classic (ceramic pups) through it believe me it has enough distortion for crunch or lead work. the other nice feature about the amp is how well it cleans up with the guitar volume pot i can leave it fully stacked for lead work back off a bit for crunch and back off even more for a nice blues tone (think ride on by ac/dc).although i tend to play rock, blues the amp can suit many styles and if you shove a strat through it it'll do the texas thing and you can get some pretty sweet cleans it is definitely not a one trip pony.i give it a nine and a half for the only 'very good not excellent' clean but obviously i'll have to round it up to a ten


as i've said had it since '92 never failed never used a backup in the early days - recently purchased a mesa f50 as a back up now in the hope that i can get out there again. got to be a ten

General Comments

i've been playing since i was 15 now 35 as i've already said this was my first serious purchase and i've never looked back. guitar wise i,ve got a gibson les paul classic (v hot pups), prs custom 22 (beautiful guitar), fender strat am deluxe (my new purchase) as well as a takamine elec/acoustic and my original westone (now with a gibson 500t at the bridge)pedal wise i just use a cry baby and a boss tu2 tuner and quality zaolla silverline cables. i've recently added a mesa f50 combo to my set up mainly as a more convenient amp to tranport for rehersals etc but also to compliment my marshall (it has a fantastic clean tone i'll review it soon) and on my travels up and down the uk i demo'd everything i could to see if the bar had been raised since my jmp-1 came out and i have to say all the following vht, soldano, mesa, matamp, badcat, cornford (mk 50 is a fab amp maybe next time) ,engl have great products on the market but if you want to sound like my heros buy a marshall and if you want midi ease of use then you have to buy a jmp-1

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