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big ace

Greco les paul custom mint series

Sound Quality

only played for a few hours. the pickups sound really good ( yet to try at gig volume) and have the typical 70's les paul tone. i dont think they are wax potted. the tone is very nice and full, the neck pup sounds a bit weak though. pretty much your typical les paul tone but a bit thinner.the tone is there, just not as much fattness or balls to it. i play this through a marshall jcm 900 into various quad boxes. compared it to an early 80's burny les paul custom ( full mahogany body with no maple cap) and it does have alot more body to it than the burny. as well made as it is, i would have to say if you want a the les paul tone, buy a gibson. they just seem to have the edge over the japanese copies. the burny and greco's shit all over epiphones though.


lasted 25 years, will last another 25 years ( maybe new frets at some point)

General Comments

as far as a les paul copy goes, this is extemely well made and plays very well. i have only played or owned gibson les pauls from the early 80's onwards, and this would rate about an 8 or 9 as far as copying the original. to me it just missing something. it just doesnt have the balls or fattness to the sound, or the feel. it feels like a 95% les paul. i have an early 80's cort les paul custom and that does sound just as good or better than alot of gibsons. the greco is an excellent guitar but doesnt sway me away from being a gibson man. it is a great guitar( and a bit cheaper) to play and reherse with without damaging my gibsons. for the price though i would give it a 10. take price out of the equation though and i would take a gibson over this. not by much though

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