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Sound Quality

Sounds and plays as good as my '68 Les Paul through my Super Champ! The Phaser is one of the best I've heard.


The finish has normal wear (light scratches) but looks better than many new guitars...and it's 22 years old!


General Comments

Been playing guitar 24 years. Currently have; '68 Les Paul Goldtop, '75 Strat Sunburst, '76 Electra MPC CSB, 80's Electra MPC CSB, 80's Cort Steinberger copy, '79 Applause AA-14 dark CSB, 60's Stella, '83 Fender Super Champ. I would rate my 1976 Electra MPC K-330 above any other Les Paul I've played (and many of my more critical friends agree).

Reviewer's Background

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