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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

It made my old $200 ltd blow a Les Paul Classic on an Ibanez 120 Watt combo out of the water. Compared to the Ibanez this thing was a plexi. It's really impressively quiet, even with the gain on high. I can get plenty of overdrive and turn my guitar volume down and not be able to tell if im on my clean or overdrive channel, which has actually given me trouble while in a band situation. The sounds are very distinct but all useable (unlike line6) so you'll find something you like. I have EMG 81/60 and I really like how for so many of the channels I can turn down my volume knobs and get a really nice clean, then crank it back up and get plenty of overdrive. I bought the footswitch and combined with my guitar controls I can get more than enough variety while playing. The speakers are nice, but I'm looking to replace them with Eminence. It has a fan inside, but I didn't even realize it was there for a week untill I discovered my amp was making a slight noise one night when I had left it on. My computer fan is much louder than the amp fan and my computer is one of the quietest I've seen and hasnt taken a percent of the beating my amp has been through. The fan should NOT be a problem.


The skin is TOUGH and the metal on the front will hold up much better than cloth. The corners are plastic but the strong kind that they should make tanks out of. I had a 100 watt 12 tube halfstack that weighed more than me that wasn't built half as solid as this thing! Mines been moved around a lot, had some rough car rides and all it has managed to do is show me that the inside of a trunk will get beat up before this amp will. It looks the same as it did the day I opened the box months and months ago.

General Comments

It's a great value. Not the best, not the loudest, but quite often the cheapest. I haven't checked out how much I would have to spend to get a significantly better amp, but I know I don't have that much avaliable to spend on it so I am satisfied. I would replace it if it were stolen.


I like how it sounds great at bedroom volumes and while drowning out that obnoxious drummer due to its adjustable wattage.


I don't like how it weighs 50 lbs but only has 1 handle and no wheels, however, compared to the halfstack I mentioned earlier that's a dream.


You can definetly do a medium sized gig with this thing.

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