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Sound Quality

I use this pedal to EQ my DS-1, the stock sound of the DS-1 was a bit.... bland, so I thought this lil box could help me to put a bit of life and sparkle into it. And it did :) I also use this to tweek the DS-1 for various situations, you'd be amazed how "metal" a DS-1 can sound with the right EQing :p Although people are saying this pedal is noisy, mine doesn't seem to be any noisier than I would expect from an active EQ. I've used this with a variety of amps: Marshall JCM900 stack, Marshall JCM2000 stack, Peavey 5150 combo, Peavey Bandit 112 combo and a Laney thingymabob (cant remember the model), and in all situations, no more noise than expected, so I'm happy :) Someone asked if it is analog earlier, yes it is, its a real active analog EQ, I took mine apart to have a look. Mine doesn't bypass silently, it makes a wee click (very slight, but as Boss claim to have slient switching, I'm marking it down)


The previous owner had it for about 5-6 years, gigged with it loads, and it shows. But it still works fine, only a bit of scuffing on the paint work, even the white tops of the sliders are in place :) I've personally used Boss pedals for 4 years and never had any problems (except flat batteries, but thats fixed by my new flashy powersuppy).

General Comments

I play everything, just now I'm mainly focusing on straight out rocktastic music, but I also play grindcore, various forms of metal (death, black, thrash, blah blah blah), a bit of jazz, blues, funk, everything really. If it were lost or stolen, I'd probably get another, but I might look at something with a few more bands, its amazing how limited 7 feels when you're used to playing with a 31 band EQ in a PA (when I'm on sound guy duties).


I didn't compare it to other products, I thought "At half price, I may as well".


As always, feel free to contact me, or see my website at www.guff.tk :)

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