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Sound Quality

It takes my Composite Acoustics (CA) Legacy Player Dreadnought with L.R.Baggs active element from good to fantastic. Depending how much Aura output you choose to mix with the raw pick-up output, it can completely eliminate that classic piezo sound and give you a flawless microphone like sound. All 16 patch selections are usable (I thought some of them would be clearly better for under-saddle piezo and some for magnetic sound hole). I liked 1 best for strumming and 6 best for finger picking, and maybe 6 best overall. I am using a Genz-Benz 150LT for this evaluation.


Appears to be very well built and I have no plan to buy a back-up.

General Comments

Given the ~25 hour 9v battery life of current Aura electronics and the reasonable price of this pedal; it really makes sense to me to buy this pedal once, put it on the floor with an external power supply, and then put a relatively inexpensive active piezo in all my guitars. This is a great product. I've spent years trying different pick-ups (Macintyre Feather, K&K Pure Western, Ibeam, Rare Earth Blend) with none of them quite sounding right (actually the blend was pretty good but too physically intrusive for my tastes). With this pedal you can take the ubiquitous plain jane under-saddle piezo and make it sound perfect.

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