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mike campbell

epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

I use a moddified fender jaguar HH with it. It has a seymour duncan pealry gates in the bridge and a seymour duncan jazz in the neck. I ripped the stock wireing out(cuzz it killed the bridge tone IMO) put a 3 way selector in, and split the coils. Now to the amp. It sounded ok stock, was a little farty sounding when the volume was half way up. It did have a nice tube tone, very chimey. New JJ tubes helped quite a bit, but the real improvement was after I replaced about 15 or so resistors and capacitors(just changed the values of them), and 500meg volume pot. HUGE IMPROVEMENT!!!! I can get great tones, overtones, harmonics, overdrives, its touch sensitive. Mine loves my Fulltone Fulldrive overdrive pedal too. If its classic rock this amp will do it. Its very smooth and warm, mine does not get real clean anymore due to the mods, unless you work the volume and tone pots(still not very clean). The best part is the tubes, caps and res only cost me about 50-60 bucks and about 2 hours. I did the mods in 2 rounds, and it was well worth it. Cant wait to get a better output transformer for it.


never had a problem

General Comments

Ive had this thing for about 4 months, I would get anouther if it were stolen. I got it to get the cranked tube sound at a resonable volume(still to loud for a apt. with volume all the up). I havnt used it with a drummer yet but it should be loud enough to keep up, especially when boosted. After i modded it i took it to a local music store and played it against a vox night train, and it stood toe to toe with it. only the night train is more than double what i have invested in mine.

MODDING IS A MUST go to sewatt.com more info on these and other single ended amps than youll ever need to know. dont use the bitmo unless you want different sound options, they dont help some of the crucial tone enhancements.


Im not sure why Epi crippled these things but after 60 bucks worth of parts(the caps and resistors i changed were not any better guality just different values) a couple hours, basic sodering skills, I ended up with a amp I love.

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