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Sound Quality

I use a Les Paul Clone (copy), with a Nobel's Headphone amp, or an RMS Bass Amp. The effect is noiseless, so there is no odd click or buzz when you switch the effect on. The sales pitch at Musician's Friend made me buy this effect. "Crystal Clear High End, and full rumbling Chorus." I'll agree with that. It makes the higher strings sound a lot clearer, though the "Full rumbling chorus" is a little to subtle for my tastes. So thumbing the speed up to 9 o'clock or noon makes it sound like the effect is actually doing something other than wasteing battery energy. I'm trying to get the sound of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain on the guitar Solo of "Smells Like Teen Spirit", and can't quiet get it using the chorus alone. A delay effect may be in order for that. But the setting I was talking about is just great for playing the clean parts of Metallica songs (Sanitatium, One, Fade to Black). It adds a nice twist to those songs. But I really don't like the spring like effect you get when you mess with all the knobs, such as turning them all up to full.


I can more than likely rely on it. I don't have a band, so I don't have any gigs to go to. I just would like to know how long this pedal would last, and how long the battery will last.

General Comments

I try and play some simple Metallica songs (what a contradiction there). This effect adds a nice quality to those songs. However I can't quiet get the sound of Nirvana using it alone. So I may have to buy a distortion pedal to go with it.


The only other thing I didn't like about this pedal was something mentioned in the instruction booklet. "WARNING: DEPTH CONTROL MUST BE CLOSELY MONITORED, AS THE FX64 WILL HAVE A TENDENCY TO PUSH EQUIPMENT OFF THE STAGE." Somebody kindly explain to me how something like this can happen because of one setting knob?

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