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Sound Quality

In my opinion, this has very decent quality. I use it playing the clean parts of Old Metallica songs (Call of Ktulu, Fade To Black, Sanitarium) and it works pretty good. It says it thickens the sound of the guitar in the instruction booklet. I don't know if it does that, but it does act a little bit like a compressor in that it makes everything louder.


I can depend on it so long as I don't monkey with it. My copy has a defect where the effect cuts out if I mess with the settings. And I didn't send in the warranty, so poor me. No, I wouldn't gig without a backup.

General Comments

It is a decent pedal for play clean parts in Metallica songs, and a good for getting the sound of a twelve string guitar. If it were stolen or lost, and considering the problems I've experienced with it lately, I would have to think long and hard as to wether or not I would buy another.

I do like the tone I get from it however. But I wish the circuitry in mine didn't have that defect. It didn't used too.

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