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Sound Quality

i play in a classic rock/blues band (www.myspace.com/saywhatchester) and bought the amp to replace my main gigging amp, a 70s dean markley spectra with 6V6s when they made them in california. i was tired of stressing about about my amp at gigs, where often gear is thrown around and mistreated, and wanted something that could get me a nice mid boosted distortion without having to worry about its tubes breaking. so i tried out the frontman at guitar center and was pleasantly surprised at how fender had nailed the tube emulation. it was juicy and warm and not at all digital sounding. And thats all i had wanted, so i picked it up. however the clean channel is the exact opposite. it sounds flat and compressed as hell, one of the most lifeless cleans ive heard out of any amp, surprising for a fender since theyve made there name on cleans, even if it is a solid state. so the drive channel is excellent, i mean very very nice, and when i want cleans the guitar volume knob just goes down. the clean channel=lifeless and dull. I play a gibson SG special faded, an epiphone G400, a squier 51, a homemade les paul junior with a GFS crunchy PAT bridge pup, and an SX lap steel through it and its consistent with them all. occasionally i will break out my digitech RP250 if were playing a bigger show to run boosts, wahs etc with the amp, but most of the time i just need the mids cranked and the drive on about 3 and im set. pleasantly surprised. and PLENTY LOUD. at a recent battle of the bands i was repeatedly told to turn down and i was only on 2 on the master volume. a loud 65 watts. ALSO: check the myspace for tracks that this thing was used on. thought id record with it for scratch tracks but liked the tone so it stayed.


ive played several gigs with it since i bought it, including a song on a local tv talk show (youtube me shademonger13 for video of this) and it has held up fine. little noise, and i have never had any issues with fading in and out or anything. consistent and durable. id replace it in an instant.

General Comments

ive been playing 9 years now, and gigging for the past three, just releasing my bands first EP. for 200 bucks it cant be beat.

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