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Sound Quality

wow. i had heard good things about GFS but i was a little worried about the quality of this pickup and the sound. i plugged it into an old dean markley tube amp from when the made amps in CA back in the 70s and i was just in awe. it sounds like the name says. it sounds lke an old gibson PAF, it gets THE TONE that everyone wants! surprisingly dynamic, i kept the volume low and i got very warm clean tones, cranked it up and its exactly what it says, a "crunchy" PAF. just slighlty higher output and VERY warm, this is definetley not a twangy pickup, with the tone knob and treble on the amp cranked it still retains that warm les paul tone. and wow. im still amazed how it just lifts up this guitar like i have never heard it play. jeez. i think im gonna buy another one for my epi G400, and MAYBE even my gibson SG special. i think GFS has swayed me. im a GFS pup user from now on. WOW.


General Comments

i would definetley replace this thing. FAST. ive been playing 8 years and am in a rock band out of southern connecticut. i just installed this pickup today but i am so gonna play out with my les paul now. jeez. its like the perfect tone. i thought the 490t's and my gibson were good, but this thing is like ME! IN A PICKUP! FOR 25 BUCKS!!!!!

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