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Sound Quality

the sound quality varies greatly from effect to effect. the pitch shifter is AWFUL. the reverbs are pretty nice, except for the gated. it sound very hollow and bland. the distortion sucks, (and sucks tone) although the eq's are very good. the overdrive is a little better but not by much. the coolest distortion i got out of it was to crank the input all the way up so it so the led glows red and clips the signal, but the only reason THIS sounds good is that it sounds like no other distortion i've heard before. chorus sounds very harsh, but the delays are nice. over all the eq's, delay, most reverb are the best qualities of this unit.


this is the most reliable thing i have owned from peavey, but that isn't saying much. everything else peavey made that i or a friend have owned has broked....pedals get crackly, amps fuzz out, bass switches don't....switch. one this unit the pedal board will freak out and display some wierd numbers on what seems like the drop of a hat. peavey claims that you can control up to 8 effect parameters in real time, but try more than 3 and it freaks out again..."parameter out of range", or "i'm tired and need some time off". i have used it on gig and it worked great, but i would never try anything taxing to its fragile temperment.

General Comments

i would not buy this thing again. because i've had it forever, i've got some neat sounds out of it. i love the fact that you can put the effects in any order you want AND turn each one on or off like pedals. but i HATE the fact that you can't switch from one effect chain to another without about a second of time in which the dry signal fills in (louder than either chain for that matter.) sounds awful, and you can't change in the middle of a song. you have to make sure you aren't playing anything and then switch. i HATE the fact that if you put reverb on a chain, it sucks so much memory out of it. "up to eight effects", but with reverb only up to 4, 3 if you want distortion. the compresor clicks, try and add a little base and it starts fuzzing, so you have to trun down the volume on the eq, especially if you send it through the gated reverb....blah blah blah bling bling blah. overall i think they spread themselves too thin. lots of options, but bad sound quality...some sound so bad that you can't even use them(pitch shifter, envelope filter as a wah).

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