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Sound Quality

I use my B.C. Rich Ironbird (H/H) with this. My amp is a stupid 70 watt transistor amp (soon to be replaced by a JCM800). I also have the MT-2 MetalZone, and the CE-5 Chorus Ensemble. The GE-7 adds noise, but hardly noticeable when playing. The GE-7 gives more power, warmth and sparkle to my sound, it livens it all up. Even when using no other effects, the GE-7 sounds absolutely great. I can make my guitar sound close to a strat, when using the neck pickup, and I can also get really close to the Red Hot Chili Peppers sound. This little stomp box enhances your sound amazingly. I never want to play without it again!!!



General Comments

I play some blues, some Led Zep, some Sabby, heaps of Maiden and Metallica, some Accept, and some RedHotChiliPeppers. As you can see, a great variety in styles, so a great need for different tones. The GE-7 provides 'em all. I've been playing for almost 2 years now and I have owned also a Korg AX1G. I completely dislike the stupid plastic multieffects {censored} now, they sound terrible. BOSS just meets my requirements for effects every time. If this thing got stolen, I would definetely get another one, once you've played it, you really dont want to play without it anymore. I did not compare this thing to anything else. I just read all these reviews below, which pushed me in the right direction. Thanx, guys! I've taken another step towards great tone. Finally, I will share my setting here:

- - - + + +


1 ---------**---

2 -------**-----

3 ------**------

4 -------**-----

5 --------**----

6 -------**-----

7 --------**----


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