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Sound Quality

I use it with a Crate amp and it sounds pretty good, but most of the time i just use it with a direct box to a mixer (cuz my amp is too small for gigs) and believe me, it sounds great! Try doing this with a Digitech or a Zoom and you´ll sound as a small chicken dying in a grinding machine. ME-6's effects are very natural sounding, having in mind that it is a 10 year old effects processor. If you tweak enough, you can even get contemporary rock sounds.. you just have to be patient and smart enough. If you are one of those stupids who think all things must be preset to "be good" this is not for you... but if you are a serious musician who needs sonething versatile and long lasting... this is it!


Hard as a rock. I've used it since 1993... in about 100 gigs... and it works as new! Obviously, it doesn't have all the "exquisite features" of newer processors such as tuner, exp pedal, incorporated wah, harmonizer, etc... you have to be into the context of the time it was made... The precission it has between bank and effect changes is outstanding... It changes exactly when you press the pedal. Believe me, The ME-6 is one of those things that are made to last forever, and become classics.. just like vintage Studer 24 track analog recorders, Telefunken mics, or a '57 Telecaster... Not like my other effects processor (Digitech RP-6) which dissappointed me as soon as I plugged it into my Crate... not to mention when I tried to change effects between verse and chorus... The gap took like 100 years...

General Comments

I bought it in 1993... when I was starting at gigs... I still love it!!! I've seen other processors, and If I had the chance, I'd obviously get a newer processor.. but I'll never get rid of it... I think it is some kinda Vintage Gear... I even use it on my home studio as an alternate effects processor for vocals, and instruments...

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