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Sound Quality

A little bit different. The 32 preprogrammed are much overloaded with effects, only 3 or 4 of them are useful. The sounds are very dull, not enough highs for cutting through a band mix. The amp is very noisy, you need the noise gate to survive. The sounds of the tweed and black face are good, british styles are ok, the modern sounds are useless and to noisy, too much hiss. For my taste 32 memories are not enough 64 rewritable would be better. The capable of reading out the stored sounds are good, also the capable to tweak the effects. The amp is loud for only 65 watts


Should be good, only the power socket become loose.


General Comments

A little bit conflicting, like a relationship of hate and love. The amp is loud, the prices are good, the sounds are averarge, but I would not buy this thing. I have had it for a week from my brothers son, so I could test it very well.

Reviewer's Background

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