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Sound Quality

I guess I can't really comment on "Sound Quality", but I can say that this thing doesn't add any hum to my signal. Completely and utterly silent.


Is it reliable? I think it will last quite a long time. I'm still a bit iffy and uncomfortable about it though...the adapter is so small, and it seems like the cables could quit working when something wrong happens. I've only had mine for two weeks, so we'll have to see what happens. They give you a 1 year warranty/registration card to fill out too, so if it breaks within that year, you're covered.

General Comments

This power supply fits my needs perfectly. I bought an extra daisy chain for it because I'm an effects freak and I'm already on my second board, so that will come in handy when I need it.


The Godlyke Powerall is one of the best Power Supplies out there. The OneSpot is great, but it just doesn't cover all the ground that the Godlyke seems to.


Remember : This will power almost ANY and EVERY effect out there imaginable. Even if it doesn't have a 9v OUT, you can give the pedal juice by using Godlyke's battery clip to attatch to the unit.


All in all, a great power supply without a frightening price tag. If you think that the Godlyke is expensive, compare it to a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2. You're looking at $150+ USED. I think some people are even trading in their Pedal Powers for the Godlyke set.


Go ahead and get one, you won't regret it.

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