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Sound Quality


General Comments

This mic rocks! I've used almost everything from Shure including their Beta series, I've used Electro-Voice, Audio-Technica, and Peavey. This mic smokes them all! Of course the sticker is a lot higher than most mics, so the value vs. price isn't all that great, but the sound is pristine, clear, and attenuated. I can cut through a hard rock/metal band very easily with this mic, when I couldn't with an SM58.


It's a very quality mic and if you can find it at a lower price, go for it. I don't regret the $60 I spent for mine. There's a reason why bands like Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins have used the Audix OM series in the past. It's professional and very low feedback. Great for on stage use and practices.

Reviewer's Background

Been using microphones since I was around 14. So about 7 years now. I record and play live quite often and have used several microphones over the past few years.

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