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Sound Quality

True bypass, no noise, no hiss. I have the PW-CT-04 model.


Seems very solid. Heavy, rugged chassis and you could probably knock someone out with it if thrown.

General Comments

Probably the greatest tuner I've used, ever. The display is ridiculously large and bright; you will definitely not have to squint or bend over to see what is going on. The design is sleek and smooth; the lights are in a circular pattern which shows you how far or how close you are to the desired pitch and also lets you switch to chromatic mode for hz tuning. Very classy.


I plugged in my Telecaster and I was up and going in less than 30 seconds. The speed and accuracy is bar none. Even the built-in tuner on my acoustic doesn't match this. Flawless.


I looked into the Fender and Boss and Korg tuners. The Fender was the most affordable but the least dependable from what I've heard; the Boss holds its value so ridiculously well that you still pay $70 for it used; and the Korg, though legendary for accuracy and speed, was even more expensive than the Boss most times.


So I came across this on accident and only payed half of what one usually would for a tuner of this caliber. I recommend it highly. One scoffs at any tuner that isn't a Korg or Sabine or Boss - but honestly, this one blows all of them out of the water. Simple, sleek, accurate, and cute.



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