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Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I mainly play hard rock (smashing pumpkins, radiohead, tom petty, van halen, etc) and sometimes a little neil young or CCR once in awhile. I've tried many of these out in shops before, and I didn't like the sound at all. Thin, frail, lifeless...this guitar offers nothing, really. The pickups feedback and hum like crazy, and the selector switch is weak. The wiring is no better than a cheap radio from the dollar store. Unfortunately, on the east side of the state, we only have a few guitar shops, and the ones that we have around my area only carry squiers, ibanez, and peavey...so as I'm going in to test pedals, I've had to test them out on the low-grade instruments. If you're looking for fender sound, don't look at this...look at something that won't make you lose your dignity and respect for the company.


would I depend on it for a gig? yes. would I depend on it for a gig without a backup? no. This is an okay guitar to pull out for one song or two, but your options are pretty limited with this guitar. Pretty soon you'll tire of this instrument, (that is if you have others) and you'll want to switch. the squier line is made cheaply. VERY cheaply, and on worklines in china. Chinese workers that get minimum wage. They don't get raises, and they don't get promotions. Just like any other citizen of any country, they figure "why put in extra work, if it's not going to get me anywhere in this job?" and that's exactly the attitude that squier puts out for the user...it's stubborn, it's not going to get anywhere, and it's a minimum wage guitar. I've said my peace.

General Comments

For a beginner's guitar = great.


for a more experienced player = not so great.


I'm not saying that these squiers are totally bad, and that you should avoid them like the plague, I'm just telling you that you shouldn't use them for one of your main guitars.


To be totally honest, I would really recommend a Silvertone Strat copy over these...they're about the same price, maybe $30 less, and they have more of a "vintage" fender sound to them, or so I've heard. They're also constructed better, look nicer, and aren't a pain like many squiers are.


once again...great starter guitar. cheap price, carries the "fender" brand (unfortunately...ugh), and it will have a higher resale value over no-name or low-grade strat copies.


I currently own, use, and/or play a '73 Ventura SG (my dad's), and a 1993 MIM Fender Strat w/upgraded parts, as well as a Yamaha FG412-S Acoustic and an Austin AU341-S (kind of like Alvarez' squier brand; a budget line guitar from Alvarez) Acoustic. I have numerous pedals that I don't really care to list, and a couple amps as well.


Out of 10, I would rate an Affinity Series Squier Strat a 6. If you can, save your dough and get a genuine fender strat...SO MUCH better than any squier (except early 80's MIJ) strat and they aren't much more expensive. If you've already made up your mind on a squier, then at least get a Squier Standard Series, not this Affinity crap. Squier II's and MIJ Squiers are a fair shot too, worth checking out. Hope this review helped somebody in someway.



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