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Sound Quality

BEAUTIFUL Tone...rich, resonant, it really fills a room. I have recorded numerous demos with this, and they have all turned out great. Not TOO deep (aka Martin), not TOO trebly (aka Taylor), but right in the middle. Quite midrangey and beautiful. If this were acoustic/electric, and with a cutaway, I would be in guitar heaven. Unfortunately, it's neither of them, so I'm a bit disappointed. That's not the guitar's fault though. Suits my needs perfectly. I play anything from Smashing Pumpkins to Creedence Clearwater on this thing, and it shines right through.


I would definately depend on it for a gig or any other gathering. I'm thinking about putting a Seymore Duncan in the soundhole to play through an amp. Like I said, this baby has had her share of dents and dings, and she has held up very well. Definately reliable.

General Comments

a simply amazing acoustic for the price. I have no problems or worries whatsoever. I feel this will outlast me. I may get a Takamine EG5300SC, however, because it has a cutaway and it is acoustic/electric. I LOVE Takamines, but this Yamaha has it's own spot in my gear collection. I doubt I will ever sell it unless I absolutely NEED to.


Yamaha should really get more recognition than they do. If you're considering a mid-range acoustic, I'd recommend a Yamaha or Takamine. Both are exceptional, and have astounding pricetags. I'd recommend a Taylor too, but if you were looking for high-end acoustics, you wouldn't be looking for a Yamaha would you.


...or would you? ;)

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