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Sound Quality

I have been using this pedal with a 1973 Ventura SG Copy through a Kustom 250 Amp Head and Cab. The effects are surprisingly very good. This pedal made alot of noise when I switched it on...you could definately tell, and sometimes the feedback was so bad I had to turn down the volume. Part of that is the Ventura's fault though...too much magnetic polarity in the humbuckers. The Chorus effect is pretty good...not lush, but it does the trick. More like a cheap DOD chorus. The Flanger is very good, it replicates the swoosh and the phasing swoops dead on. The distortion is very nice as well. The "dt" setting replicates stack amp distortion, and it does it nicely. The overdrive in my opinion is utter crap, it does not replicate tube sound at all. The crunchy rhythm distortion is alright for an extra gain in chords, but I never used it that much. Delay was a great feature for this pedal, and though I've moved on to single pedal line-ups, I swear up and down that I'm not going to sell this pedal until I get a decent flanger and delay. those two are quite possibly the best features on this pedal. Delay is up to .37 milliseconds I believe, but I never used a hold feature anyways. The Ring Mod really sucks...utterly useless. At least the mooger fooger is musical, this has no notes what so ever. The EQ is useful, I usually keep it on 23 or 41...both are good EQs for grinding hard rock. As far as the factory presets, I've only found a couple to be useful...the Van Halen Driver (C1 setting), and a couple tube clean settings. I'm a big smashing pumpkins fan, and I have been able to replicate the Siamese Dream sound pretty good on the pedal, as well as the Mellon Collie/TAFH era. I have a blast playing Mouths Of Babes and Marquis In Spades on that thing. If you want to know the settings for the pedal to get those, email me and I'll give them to you.


It's plastic, so I don't know. It's awfully thick plastic, and I think I've dropped it once or twice, but it's been staying strong and firm for me for this long. I doubt it will crap out on me in the near future.

General Comments

I mainly play hard rock. I've expiramented alot on this pedal. Everything from Van Halen to Def Leppard. And like I said earlier, I'm a big pumpkins fan too...this pedal worked great. I'm moving on to single effects now, because of the 2 second delay in changing effects on this pedal. This pedal in my opinion is GREAT for what it's worth, and I would advise ANY beginner who doesn't have much experience with effects or pedals for that matter, to try this out. Not only is it fun, it gets you aquainted with your effects and it's a learning experience.

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