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Danelectro DJ-10 Grilled Cheese Distortion Pedal

Sound Quality

blah. I tried this out in a music store once and to tell you the truth it was the worst sounding distortion I have EVER heard. It's so bad that it hurt my ears. I had to turn the damn thing off...it was making a bit of noise in the pedal chain too. It seems to "squawk" rather than growl. It sounds like a chicken on a short-circuted PA with an injured wing or something.. I gave it a second chance though, just to make sure. I gave the pedal a rest and tried out some others...and I happened to like some of the other dano pedals. When I turned this one on again, I had to ask the store for some asprin, because one of their pedals had given me a migraine.


well, actually I think dano pedals are cute. they're so small...I can't believe how reliable some of them are though. As long as you don't STOMP on the things, I'm sure they'll be okay, but they make you feel uncomfortable nonetheless.

General Comments

like I said, some dano pedals are great, but some...like this certain one, just aren't worth buying. If you're looking for distortion, go with something from Boss or get any other pedal. This thing is horrid in my opinion. If you want danelectro distortion, the T-Bone is slightly better, but almost anything is better than this box.

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