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Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Special

Sound Quality

Here's the skinny. For the longest time I had a hard time making single coils sound good through my set-up, but I can't be bothered to play much else but Fenders...I just love how they feel and sound. The Tele Deluxe and Toronado are nice choices, and dropping rails in a Strat or Tele is also a decent option...but I want that single coil definition. At the store I tried this guitar through a solid-state Marshall DFX100 junker...it only worked half the time but I could tell there was something different about this telecaster. I loved the way it felt and the action was teriffic. I took it home, plugged it in, and was instantly blown away. CLEANS - amazing, sparkling, twangy cleans. I love it. I don't think I've heard better cleans on a Mexi Standard or even a Hwy 1. DIRT - this thing will put a hole in your wall if you really want it to. The bridge pickup on this particular guitar averages the same output as a Les Paul humbucker. But here's the thing - it still has the definition and clarity of a single coil pickup. I don't know how, and I don't know why. I don't even care. It just rocks hardcore.


It feels solid and I wouldn't have the slightest issue with using this as a main guitar (let alone a back-up) at a gig. I mean really, it's kind of a stupid question. HC hasn't changed it for awhile and I'm wondering why. If you're playing it at home, then obviously it's going to hold out during a gig unless a) you have REALLY bad luck, or b) you treat your gear like crap because you're too busy showing off than focusing your mind on playing and having fun. Had one string snap on me at the bridge but that's nothing that a simple file can't fix. Reasonably solid.

General Comments

I've played various different Telecasters and I've never heard one that rocks this hard for the money. Those guys must have put some extra lovin' into this axe because, wow...


I've owned everything from various Fender Strats (50s RI, 60s RI, 70s RI, '68 Japan Custom Shop RI, Mexi Standards), and played several Telecasters (owning a 50s RI at one point). I've also owned and played several "Deluxe" series Fenders, as well as the obvious Squiers including the Pro-Tone series.


I'm not saying this is the holy grail, but for 100 bucks this thing impresses me on almost every level.


I can actually count on my hand the flaws that I've found in this guitar.


Finger 1 = string breakage at the bridge. Only had this happen once, strung it up with a fresh set of D'add EXL120s and haven't had it happen since.


Finger 2 = Pickup selector sticks at bridge... just jiggle it a bit and it comes loose. I'm guessing if I could be vigorous enough with some contact cleaner, say...twice a week, I could have this problem resolved.


Finger 3 = B and high E strings slip out of tune during face-melting solo. Okay, so this is a bit annoying...but really it only goes a few cents out of whack, so give them a half-turn and you're right back to where you were. 2 seconds...no big deal, even during Rush's "2112".


Finger 4 = (I'm really trying hard to find fault with this guitar...I'm struggling) Neck pickup is a little weak; I'll probably slap a GFS Lipstick Tube in there and it'll be better than it ever was.


And really, that's all I have to say. I didn't even use five fingers to count the flaws.


And for $100, that's pretty darn good. From what I hear a lot of beginners and guitar enthusiasts alike adore their Squier Affinity Tele's. You can't go wrong. I like the Bullet series too... but the Standards never impressed me much! Go figger...


Go out and try one. Try several. Find one that fits you and give 'er a nice home.

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