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Sound Quality

It's a great flange, but the only complaint i have with this pedal is that when it's on, the volume is noticably increased. I'm not sure of how to solve this problem, without using my volume pedal anyway, and that's kind of a pain. I'm looking foward to the release of the new BOSS BF-3 Flanger. For those who don't know about that, it has all of the same knobs except a mode knob, with 4 modes, including a standard mode, which i'm assuming would be the same as the BF-2 flange. The BF-3 has a tap tempo feature too, which i'm looking foward to, and hopefully BOSS has fixed the whole volume thing, but who knows? I can't complain much anyway, especially with how much i use the pedal...


what else is there to say?

General Comments

It's a great flanger, but the only complaint i have with it is the volume change when it's on, like i said above. Hopefully with the release of the BF-3 the volume problem will be fixed, along with other little things to tool around with.

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