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Sound Quality

This pedal sounds awesome with a graphic equalizer. I use this through a Fender Ultimate Chorus and an Ibanez RG270DX and it sounds great. Without the EQ, distortion is great, but no crunch is produced. But put the mids down on the EQ, the low to 10, the high to 7.5, and the gain to 10 and you will be amazed. For that Metallica/Megadeth crunch , this pedal makes it happen happen.


I got this pedal off my friend who bought it used in mid 1996. I have not had one problem with this pedal yet. Other people say that DOD products break down within weeks or even days of purchasing. This pedal has gone through weekly band practices, numerous gigs and my size 10 foot, and it still hasn't broken in 3 years. Quite amazing.

General Comments

I play in a Metal/Hard Rock band, and this pedal suit me fine. I've played for about 3 years now and have tried numerous distortion pedals. DOD makes products that seem unstoppable, and this is no exception. I own a DOD Graphic Equalizer, a DOD Ice Box, and a Jimi Hendrix Wah. The Metal X sounds great with all three. The crunch tone is amazing with an equalizer. I haven't come across another pedal like it. BUY THIS PEDAL!!!

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