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Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah Pedal

Sound Quality

I needed a killer wah tone. Jim changed the stock crybaby to a talking expressive machine! It sounds like the wah sound that was hiding in your head forever! Makes you wah along with your mouth as you play , it s THAT good. Very vocal,nice sweep, broad range and no shrill highs ,just complex mids harmonix heaven! Works sweetly with a strat (Hendrix SRV sounds available on your toes through and through) and with humbuckers it growls! Never had a bad sound out of it, whereve I play it turns heads with the tones it emits! It s instantly groovy! I use this with a tele ,strats, PRS , Les Paul ,Fender Mustang and so on and have it installed on a Pedaltrains pedalboard with ten more FX pedals. It s true bypass.This pedal mod rocks.


Opened it and everything looked sturdy and clean. Never messed with the gain stage trim pot Jim installed, don t wanna mess up the sweet tone I m getting!However if you wanna fiddle around then you can tweak it! The pedal is built like a tank.

General Comments

I play blues rock and funk and I experiment with all kinds of noises with my FX pedals. The wah mod made evrything sound more alive and professional. It makes you more creative too. The thing that impresses me with the wah now is that it never gets lost in the mix whatever FX I use before or after it ,the wah sound is always present! And that alone should make you get off your chair and go get this crybaby mod! Right now!

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