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epiphone Vintage G-400 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

You can't really fault these guitars sound-wise. The pickups are great when you consider what you are paying...So said, upgrading is a good move...my '65 Maestro has Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers and this worn cherry guitar is about to have a pair of Catswhiskers fitted.


Perfectly giggable as they are...not a lot to go wrong really. Like all SG's it isn't a good idea to knock them about too much...headstock breaks and cracks at the neck-join are a hazard but, looked after, these guitars are a fine. The hardware and electrics are very durable.

General Comments

This 'Vintage' model is a classic in its own right...it ouses Gibson vibe at a fraction of the price. Its perfect for upgrading. I'm an old rocker and I worked in music retail for a number of years...I'm totally won over by these guitars.

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