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Sound Quality

I use this with a Les Paul Custom and a ES175 going through (at various times) a Korg 105 overdrive or a Zoom 505II into either a Tech21 Trademark or a Sovtek 50 head. (The Zoom 505 / 606 provides terrible EQ control.) I share the concern of many others listed here than the pedal introduces too much hiss. I'm forced to up the noise suppressor on the zoombox (or buy a Boss NS-2) to keep that contribution to a minimum. It soesn't matter where in the effects chain you put this -- the noise is still the same. Other than that the "sound" is great in that you can pretty shape your sound completely. Used with the Trademark, which gives you another plus/minus 12 db, you can make some completely bizzare tones. I bought it primarily to pull some bass and low mids out of the Gibson PAF humbuckers when used with the tube amp -- it does this quite easily. After too many complaints that my sound was too muddy, this cleans it up just fine, much more definition on big chords. The Zoombox noise suppressor controls its own (and the Korg's) noise real well, but doesn't seem able to zap the hiss from this. Dropping the 3.2K and 6.4K bands helps some, but that sort of defeats the purpose.


It is reliable. Basically a brick with a spring in it.

General Comments

I play blues, jazz and hardrock (30 plus years). This is my first EQ pedal and I guess it is long overdue. I'd check other makes for an EQ, having bought this sight and heard unseen, just to see if there are others with less white noise. Having an EQ pedal is critical in many instances, especially when dealing with some breeds of amps that provide nominal tonal adjustment, especially those without a mid or presence knob.

I picked this because I was convinced BOSS would be the right product, based on other Harmony reviews, and the price certainly was right. I may keep it or will probably keep shopping around. I suppose in conjunction with a noise suppressor (ie, doubling your pedal costs!) it should make a good addition to any tone arsenal.

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