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Jamin' Giles

Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

Well I have a California Fat Strat, and I also have a very cool Washburn Mercury II series, one piece neck w/24 frets and a flame maple top (I wish washburn hadn't stoped making these babys cause i have owned alot of guitars and i really like the feel, look and tone of this one...). Both sound great through this preamp. I use my rig live and for practice at home, and the JMP-1 sounds fab at any volume...I'm a Hi-Gain type of dude, and i play all types of Metal, Hardcore Punk, plus other more civilized styles of music as well. I like all the tones I can get with this preamp thick and tight !!! I also use an Intellifex for my fx unit... Like I said before, this baby is very Marshall sounding and you can get a broad spectrum of Marshall sounds from it... I use OD1 for classic punk stuff and it rips !...OD2 for that more tight modern metal sound...What will make the "TONAL" difference is "WHAT" you play this preamp through... When i bought it brand new i also got a new Meas 90/90 power amp... this thing is way killer and loud...!! but the 6L6 sound was a little cold for my taste and plus the fact that I perfer to play mono anyway... I searched for another soloution to my situation... and I bought a Marshall 1987x 50 watt plexi re-issue (white of course)...THIS THING KICKS TONAL ASS !! I just run the JMP-1 right into the front of the second channel (normal sounding one, the bright one is too bright sounding)and IT JUST BLOWS BABY !!! Heads sound more "real" than rack stuff...and since the 1987x plexi has NO GAIN to speak of (unless its on 10)...it makes a great power amp for the JMP-1 and it sounds BIG & LOUD !!! not to mention it has an extra set of tone knobs it has that the mesa didin't...so I can add more mid's and blow up the bass...!!! and for half the price too...!!! I was thinking about the Marshall rack power amps...very cool looking...but I don't run stereo...and they are way heavy and expensive...as far as i am concerned this is the way to go, cause i get a more "REAL" tone from using a head as a power amp, I am sure other people are doing this too...and when i feel like playing super clean i just run straight into the head...lot's of versitility too... The head as a power amp is lighter and has less tubes to replace...so it's economical too...and easy on yer back ! try this out if you get the chance... for me it's the best way to use the JMP-1 !!!


Had it a year or so...no probs yet

General Comments

Well it has been 17 years...and I have owned it all Marshall, Fender, Peavey, Mesa-boogie...and nothing out there is truly perfect...but i must say I Love the Hi-gain modern channel of this pre-amp...I have used heads before only to find my self wanting more flexibility... so I tried other types rack stuff and found it too freaking complicated and a hassle to use... but the JMP-1 and my 1987x 50watt plexi re-issue combination gives me the best of both worlds... the in yer face tone of a head and the midi features of rack stuff...and most of all KILLER and USEABLE TONE with lots of flexibility !!!

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