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Jamin' Giles

Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

This is an update to my earlier review... I was plugging my JMP-1 straight into the front of a small 50 watt plex-reissue head, because i'm not a stereo freak, and beefy sounding tube rackmount power amps are heavey and expensive to haul around... Well I broke down and got an EL-34 50/50, and aside from the fact it's a heavey beast, my tone is simply killer !!! (you can run mono by only using the only the "A" input of the power amp, this will send a mono signal to both sides of the amp(left & right)...so you can run four 4x12's in mono !!! too bad boogie's 90/90 don't work that way !!! I know cause i had one...hehe) lot's of tight crunch & chub when palm muting... I'm useing Ibanez guitars now, RG-7 string w/no trem, RG 520QS, and a PGM500... all kick ass through this setup !!! I also recently bought a mesa recto-verb rectifier head cause I'M STUPID !!! (best boogies are/were MarK III simuclass head and the old 295 power amps w/EL34's)... The thing sounded like a big bassey, fuzzy, spongey anal fart when I palm muted !!!, I'm an extreme metal/punk/hardcore head and palm muting is my freakin life !!! my 7 string sounded like crap through that pile of mesa-blowme rectumfire head !!! after 3 weeks of trying to like that freaking over priced, over rated piece of dung...(maybe that' why "Korn-hole" uses them) I traded it for more Marshall stuff, and I can now sleep at night...!!! With my JMP-1 I get Megadeth meets Machine Head !!! and I can totaly cop the tone from Pennywise Full Circle (They kick butt !) I'll admit Marshall stuff has been kinda cheesy (900 series and the valve-pile stuff) but the JMP-1 is just smokin' for the price and has the kewel marshall toneage !!! lots of DEFINITION !!! when I blow a solo... EVERY FREAKING NOTE IS THERE, that mesa rectum-fire head was a pile of fuzz and fart PPPFFFHHHTTTTT*** !!! Ya baby !!! the Marshall "JCM 2000" stuff ain't as bad as some are saying either ya gotta just crank those suckers up to rip and use a guitar with decent pickups !!!... ya sure, go pay a ga-zillion bucks for a tri-axis and spend hours trying to dial it in... big stinkin deal...!!! Try these settings on the JMP-1... OD2=on, bass=plus4, mid=minus3, treb=plus4, presence=0, bass shift = off and be floored and amazed !!!, hordes of people are always amazed and crowed around when I go into the local music store and plugin to the JMP-1 on the floor and use these settings and shred away !... the bottom line is...if you don't like the tone of the JMP1 or can't get a good tone from one... 1. Your a Boy George/George Michal/Deepeche Mode fan !! 2. Your Clueless and inexperienced !! 3. Give up playnig Guitar and take up basket weaving !!!


no probs...

General Comments

9 cause there is no perfect amp/preamp !!! been plaing since 1980, do the math !!! The only thing I like as much as the JMP-1 for over all rocking tone and supurb definition is a the Sodano Decatone !!! they cost 3,000 in Canada! no thanks...!!!

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