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Sound Quality

I run this through a Schecter C-1 Classic and a Crate MX-65. The pedal can get a bit noisy if you crank it up, specifically the treble side, but it's nothing a noise gate can't handle. Played clean, the EQ isn't quite as strong as it is through distortion, but it is still noticable. I use both amp EQ and pedal EQ for clean, but only pedal EQ for distortion. My amp doesn't have a middle knob, so I bought the pedal to make up for it. If you don't want to be like every other guitarist out there, please, PLEASE don't make the EQ sliders into a "V" shape. Boost the mids! That's what they're there for! When playing leads, it's the mids that gives most definition. If you're not going to boost the mids, don't buy this pedal.


It's a Boss. Mine has been run over, and they replaced it.

General Comments

Overall, this is a great pedal, go buy it.

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