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Sound Quality

My band, Sol Séptimo, plays in a style that could be described as "Nirvana meets Soda Stereo", but without the manic depression. I sing and play rhythm. I use a late-80's Randall RG-50 112 amplifier, without pedals. I just plug in, set the gain, and go. This guitar gives me a wide sonic palette, and the P-90s are bright, but not too bright. Nevertheless, I almost always have the tone for both pickups at around 3-4, and the volume at 8-9. With this settings, and both pickups on, I get a nice crunchy rhythm. It sustains for ages, so chords keep ringing on and on. This is good because simplifies my playing when singing (I can barely chew gum and walk at the same time!) Practicing at home, I can dial some cool blues tones, very mellow. Only thing I might do is to put flatwounds on it, to deepen the tone.


This thing is heavy! Looks and feels very tough. The finish seems to be very thick, so I guess scratches will not be a problem. SO far it has withstood dozens of hours of rehearsal, and stays in tune most of the time (I'm a bit rough playing rhythm). The strap buttons are solid, which is good 'cos this baby weighs around 11+ pounds! I *will* use it in a gig, without backup.

General Comments

I've been playing for three years. My other gear consists of:


- Danelectro 56-U2

- Vox Pathfinder

- Randall RG50-112 with Jaguar speakers

- Digitech RP-10 V2.0 effects unit

- Plus other stuff I have around, including two acoustics


If I lost this guitar, I would cry. Or at least be very sad and quite mad. I would definitely buy another one.


I love its sound and its looks--people ask me about it all the time! They really love the beautiful finish. I was between this and an Epiphone Les Paul; this beats the Epi hands down.


All the features, plus the $129.00 price, makes it a clear winner!

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