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Danelectro 1956 U2 Reissue

Sound Quality

Beautiful sound!!! Very bassy, mellow neck, twangy bridge. I actually love the biiig difference in sound from each pickup, because it lets me shape the sound a lot. Functional tone controls (they actually change the "tone"!). No sustain at all, but it does have some sort of echo...very unique. I use a Digitech RP-10 and connect all that to my PC for recording. Although some people say that Danos are not "compatible" with digital units, I disagree. It sounds even better than I expected (especially that LOVELY neck pickup!). About music styles: well right now I'm making some sort of U2-ish (the Irish band), Soda Stereo-ish, Radiohead-ish, 3EB-ish music (in that order, all mixed). Well you wouldn't think the Dano could fit this sort of heavy-but-melodic music...but it does! That flexibility I mentioned before works great for me, and the Dano tone just helps the music style...Just don't play grunge with it.


Live? Beats me...I don't gig. But I guess it will, unless your musical skills are so lacking that you have to bash the guitar around to get people's attention. Just be careful with it, 'cos it is no solidbody. Finish is thick! Should last a long time...Strap buttons are plastic, but seem sturdy enough for me. My only concern is the rosewood bridge piece...Next time I change strings, I'm gonna make plans of it and take it to a luthier for copies...(maybe in different materials! hmmm).

General Comments

Been playing for a year now, learning by myself. I also have a Hamer Slammer DA3 Daytona strat-copy. I did a lot of research here before buying it, so I was pretty sure I bought what I wanted (thanks Harmony Central!!!). If it was lost, I'd buy another one after crying all night long. And send an assassin to get the thief. :)

Likes: Sound, tone, looks, and a cool factor of 522.34 from 1 to 10. Dislikes: Some small worries about long-term reliability (see above). Wishes: An automatic device that would make me a great player. :)

Summary: Great guitar! Wonderful tone and looks. You gotta have this one. Even my friend, who plays grunge stuff and has a Fender Jagstang, loved it like hell. Great guitar to have in the arsenal.

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