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Amptramp Industries BF10 112 Combo

Sound Quality

My main guitars are a 2000 MIM Fender Telecaster, and a 1998 Danelectro 56-U2. Basically no effects--just a Boss DS-1 or a Fat Boy Fuzz sometimes (although a Morley BH2 Wah is on the way!). This combo has a lot of low-end power, very ballsy clean tones. Not Fender, not Marshall--it has its own unique voice. Very sensitive to picking dynamics and the guitar controls--it reveals *everything*. Sound has a lot of dimension, very complex. When this baby is dimed, aw, mang...Sweetly nasty, without going out of control, doesn't lose complexity, nor is the distortion extremely compressed, so you still get to have a lot of definition and some dynamics. It's L-O-U-D. Very loud. Loud is good, by the way. ;-) The diverse gain switches and the eq controls really let you set up your tone the way you want it. Did I mention this amp drips pure tone? Sweet brutality, that's how I would describe it.


Solid, solid, solid, what you would expect from a hand-built amplifier. Tolex is ridiculously straight, everything tight. Very high-quality components and cables, and the build is *very* clean. Awesome job.

General Comments

I've been playing for six years, although it doesn't show. I have a lot of gear, mostly weird stuff. Being custom-built, this amp fits my gear lineup perfectly.


My overall rating for this amplifier is an absolute 10. Everything about it reflects careful craftsmanship, attention to detail, and real knowledge of what makes an amplifier sound good. I highly recommend Amptramp amplifiers. I know other people who have them, and their feedback is equally high.

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