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Sound Quality

Setup: - Danelectro 56-U2 - Hamer DA-03 strat-clone - Electric solidbody cuatro (a sort of 5-double-stringed guitar) - Vox Pathfinder amp Unit is usually connected DI to my PC for recording with CoolEditPro. The unit is sometimes noisy, but I think that the problem really lies in relatively cheap pickups and cheap cables, and in addition being near the PC monitor, so the unit is really not to blame. The effects are good, except for the wah, although I don't use it much. Effects sound VERY digital, which works for my style of electronica-influenced music. Very very wet sounds. I really like the flanger, reverb, whammy and chorus. The harmony is a bit slow sometimes. The distortions can be made to sound good; you just have to play a lot with the parametric EQ which is very good but at first hard to understand (i.e. "What the heck is Q?"). Stereo "separation" on digital distortions is awesome. What I do to "warm" up the sound is that most patches use the cabinet emulator set to "1-Warm Cabinet".


Very reliable. It's made of metal! Could even be a good weapon (in defense, always!).

General Comments

For my style, as I said before, is perfect. Very electronic, digital sounds. When I wanna warm it, I either run it thru my amp and mike it or play with the cab emulator. I've been playing for almost 3 years, as a hobby. I'm now into home recording.


If I lost it, I'd cry.


This thing has boosted my cretivity, making me explore new, different sounds away from the usual Les Paul/Marshall/Wah sounds everyone dies for (not that looking for a classic sound is bad....it's just that I want something different).

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