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Sound Quality

My main guitar is an Essex SLP Jr (a Les Paul clone), a very nice solid mahogany set-neck baby with P90s. I can get a wide palette of sounds with this guitar/amp combo, whose capabilities I'm still exploring. As mentioned before, it suits my band's style perfectly. This baby is LOUD. Very loud, but the old speaker, which seems to have mellowed quite nicely, breaks up sweetly. I can get a nasty (in a good way) distortion--in fact, I'm using the amp's distortion rather than the one from my Digitech RP10. Much more organic sound. This amp has a nice dark quality of its sound that I really like, and contrasts nicely with my friend's Fender. The EQ controls have a wide range, so you can fine tune your distortion from extremely scooped to a sharp, midrangey tone.


I bought this amp from a close friend. He has been playing music since the 80's, and this was the first amp he gigged with. Although he has had a Marshall for a few years, he still used the Randall for band practice and at home. So it has seen a LOT of years in constant service. This thing is built like a brickhouse. Very thick panels, steel corner protectors, thick cables, large screws...all in all, a very functional look--nothing fancy here. I think it'll last quite a few more years...

General Comments

I've been playing for three years. I really like this amp, gave me the relatively dark sound I was looking for. I really like its sound, great tone. I didn't compare this amp to any other--my friend mentioned this amp and I became interested in it, so he let me use it for band practice. Thing is, I really liked it, and he grudgingly sold it to me for a ridiculously low price.


If you find one of these old things in a pawn shop, give it a try. You might be surprised at how good it sounds.

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