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Sound Quality

I play a lot of U2, REM style music. For that purpose it works perfectly for me. I have a Digitech RP-10 for effects, and usually put it thru the PC to record. Sounds great also thru my practive amp, a VOX AC-1. It's noisy only when using the bridge pickup alone. Very bright, although I can get a wide variety of sounds by switching between pickups and messing with the tone controls. I can get some nice Edge-like sounds, which rates it high in my book. Dislike? So far so good...been with 'er for a year. No dislikes.


Beats me about live playing, but I think it'll withstand it--seems very tough. Hardware seems good, too, and so does the finish. Strap buttons are well-mounted. I certainly would depend on it, no sweat.

General Comments

I've been playing for a year now. This baby has suffered my learning process very well...I really like it. Too bad Hamer doesn't sell 'em anymore. From what I've read, it seems to be even better quality than even the Squier Strats. I chose it because of the *ridiculous* price and thought that maybe I'd get a not-so-good guitar. Wrong! It is a great value.

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