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Vox Pathfinder V9168R 15w 1x8 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I'm using a Hamer strat copy and a Dano 56-U2. As I said before, it suits my style perfectly. Even with treble at max, it sounds very warm. Distortion is so smooth and crunchy at the same time! The gain boost switch is great. One thing: this thing can be L-O-U-D !!! My father couldn't believe it is rated at only 15 W. I like the way it colors the sound...it's kind of a "whistly", metallic sound...I don't know how to describe it...listen to U2 and you'll know what I mean. Sound is fully controllable, though. Very flexible. Bass and Treble controls do make a big difference throughout their range. To summarize...beautiful sounds...great, great amp!!!


It's solid state, so I don't think it'll catch fire like AC30s... :) Is built very sturdy and materials are of top-notch quality. Only thing that might wear over time are the corners, because the whole thing is covered in a nicely textured black vinyl. A 9 because of this.

General Comments

I've been playing for a bit more than a year. I also own:


- Danelectro 56-U2

- Hamer Slammer DA3

- Digitech RP10 upgraded to RP12

- Vox AC-1 Mini Combo


I love this thing...it is just perfect for me. Great sound, great looks, the right size, not too heavy...what else could I say?! I was between this and the DanelectroNifty Fifty, and even though I know the Dano is a gerat lil' amp too, the additional features of the Pathfinder, like tremolo and the output jacks (and the Vox sound) made me decide for it. I only wish it had reverb...but I can make that with the RP10.


Anything else? Well, buy this amp while you can!!! You WILL NOT regret it.

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