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Sound Quality

I play rock (not the a-word), mostly U2-style...It works great for my style. Sounds just about perfect when I jam with my U2 "Under A Blood Red Sky" CD...I play a Hamer Slammer DA-03 Daytona Strat-copy (which is pretty decent itself)...Gives me a nice sound, warm, nice distortion...doesn't sound tinny at all...To summarize it, it is perfect for what it is designed (as a practice amp) and for even more (maybe recording).


I don't gig, so I dunno...I do have gotten carried away playing and, by pulling the cable, have dropped it from my desk about 4 times... Nothing rattles and hums in it (pun intended), and it still works perfectly.

General Comments

I've been with it for a year. My guitar is a Hamer Slammer DA-03

Daytona, and I also have a Digitech RP-10 effects proc. (I don't use

the Digitech with the AC-1, though). It works perfectly for me...If

I lost it or whatever, I'd buy another one the next minute...I

strongly recommend it to my friends...If you want to buy a cool

practive amp -- this is it.

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