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Nick Pinelli

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

This thing sounds great for a 50 watt 1x12. Good base response considering its only running one speaker. As you turn up, the sound changes just like the original amps, so you have to adust your presets for stage/practice volume. On many of the models, especially the vintage fenders, the base crumbles when pushed. You have to compensate with eq to get balanced response. Very versatile and flexible. Some of the best amp models(in my opinion) are the fender 1959 bassman(tweed 4x10) the fender 1964 twin(black 2x12), marshall 1971 high treble(70's UK) and the boutiqe clean (really a Dumble overdrive special). I think you could get just about every classic sound out of this amp if you take the time to really explore the amp models and adjust the eq. With that said, this amp lies right in the middle groud between complex and simple. Good options, good sounds. It's fitted with a noise gate that stops the fan from sounding when you're not playing. It's a little noisy, but nothing that will hold you back. I use it with a 1999 Jeff Beck signature strat and it sounds great.


Just the way an amplifier's exterior should be built. Metal grill in front of speaker, armour-alled tolex covering and sunk-in top mounted controls. This amp is definetely meant to be played and lugged around. Havn't had any problems yet.

General Comments

Been playing for 12 years, own a whole bunch of expensive signature strats and a couple of martin acoustics. If I lost this thing I would but it again or key the guy's car who stole it. I love the sounds you can get, but hate a few of the little drawbacks holding it back as discussed in featues. I have also owned a peavey bandit 112 (another cheap combo) and the ad50vt definetely outdoes it. The differrence is in the base response and high end. Having just a few tubes is what sets this cheap combo apart from other cheap combos. I wish it had the good kind of speaker out where you can run the internal and external speaker at the same time, as well as more effect combinations. In my opinion these are the main and only drawbacks of this outstanding and cost-effective amp.

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