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Sound Quality

using a fender Deluxe players strat with vintage noiseless pickups, Gibson Les Paul Std 2002 model with stock Burstbuckers, this little thing rocks! I got it just for home use, late night noodling (headphone socket very useful). My main live-band setup I use a Fender Blues Junior or a Marshall 2554 jubilee Marshall DSL 100 head + cab depending on where im playing. I must say the amp simulations on this are quite good, okay so nothing is like a real fender valve combo, Marshall, Vox..etc,,but what this amp does is nail the character of these amps..I found that the EQ needs tweaking alot depending on amp model to get the best out of each one...the UK25th mode (based on Marshall jubilee)..is a little to fizzy...the boutique clean (Dumble) is a little lifeless...the only two im not fond of. The rest are very good and useful. the effects section is good..delay..chorus, the usual..the rotary speaker is good for some Beatles, or blues moments. use with fender amp settings. nice!!! Tape echo is good..Reverb is digital..but sounds better than most ive heard including spring driven. the power level knob at the back is a great feature useful for late at night playing..


no problems yet.

General Comments

in a nutshell..great beginners amp. something for home recording. or just practise at home for experienced players without the need to pull out all your stomp boxes..this amp has got me playing more at home, cant argue with that!

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